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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Viking Ship Project

Having seen that Éigse Slieverue was organising a visit to the Viking Longboat Project, some of us tagged along and discovered the project behind-the-scenes.

The Viking Ship Project is part of the Viking Triangle Project. It is partly funded by FÁS, Waterford Chamber of Commerce, as well as other sponsors.

Michael Power, guide for the day, explained that those involved in the building were first chosen among the newly unemployed... but they had no knowledge of shipbuilding! The project manager, Michael Kennedy, whose name is associated with the Dunbrody Famine Ship, was the only shipwright on the project. Then other tradesmen were allowed to join, some are carpenters. In order to learn the trade, they first worked on the building of a Newfoundland dory newfounland dory using oak and Honduras pine, then repaired a boat built in WIT for the Atlantic Challenge, An Seabhac Marawhose ribs were crushed when it was moved,An Seabhac Mara and another local fishing boat.
fishing boat restoration
The plans are based on the Viking Ship in Roskilde plan
The timber is locally sourced, here are the stacks of oak, from the Carlow area. oak planks
The model is built from the ground upfrom the ground up3, from the ground up2 and timber is shaped from this model.from the ground up
The timber is steamed in order to bend in shape timber steaming
Traditional tools and methods are used. This is a shipwright's adzeAdze and a
smoothing axe smoothing axe
early stage early stage2
The hull will be clinker-built (a traditional method) to ensure watertightness. It is hoped that construction will be finished by June 2011. Looking forward to seeing her in all her glory!!!


  1. Delighted to see a Viking ship being constructed in Ireland again. Interesting to compare it with Skudelev 6 being built in Roskilde at present . Have sailed with Havhingsten aka Seastallion form Glendalough and would love to be involved with crewing this ship. Best of luck with the work.

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